Bedini Free Energy Generator – How to Generate Your Own Electricity

The Bedini free energy generator is a device built free document generator by electrical engineer and one of the original zero point energy pioneers, John Bedini. It allows for the generation of near-unlimited energy, subject to several minor limitations. In this article, I’ll tell you about Bedini, his generator and how you can use his technology to generate your own electricity, virtually for free.

Who Is John Bedini?

John Bedini is an electrical engineer who originally specialised in audio technology. He is credited with a number of electronic inventions, some of which are in widespread use today inside common household appliances.

More recently he has become famous for his experimental work with zero point technology. He has been able to demonstrate several applications of this technology which allows anyone to generate almost unlimited energy for zero or no cost.

What Is The Bedini Free Energy Generator?

The Bedini free energy generator is the name given to Bedini’s original experimental device but is also sometimes used to refer to all the other devices that he subsequently made too.

Basically, the Bedini generator is a rotary motor. A series of metal discs are mounted on a central shaft and strong magnets are strategically placed around the outside.

Magnets have a strong, intrinsic potential to deliver a force on ferrous (iron containing) objects nearby. The force is so strong that it can easily overcome friction or other opposing forces.

What happens with the Bedini free energy generator is that an initial input of energy is used to kick start the system. This comes from either pushing the discs and getting the motor running under your own power, or by using a battery. Within around five seconds, the motion becomes self-sustaining. The friction of the air and the bearings is too small to overcome the forces delivered by the magnets.

Like any generator (e.g. a gasoline generator), the rotary motion can be converted into electricity. A typical generator can operate at a few kilowatts – enough to power the typical home. You can also sell any excess back to the grid.

How To Make Your Own Generator

Bedini’s work was highly experimental and designed to demonstrate the many applications of this technology and to bring it to a wider audience. Although he documented his work and made some of it public, it is not so easy to follow for the beginner.

A better idea is to procure a good set of professional plans that are aimed at the DIY enthusiast. There are three of four providers of these plans and for a minimal fee you can get clear instructions, plans, wiring diagrams, tips on obtaining parts for cheap and everything else you need to make a zero point generator for yourself.

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