body check package

Regular body check package help keep track of your health and identify potential problems as early as possible. While some illnesses can be immediately apparent, there are others where progression cannot be tracked properly unless you’ve had regular screenings.

Our medical examinations aim to achieve optimal health and wellness through individually targeted preventative care. We can provide a plan of action for any risk factors or health problems identified, and provide guidance on important lifestyle changes so you can stay healthy and disease-free.

All adults should go for a health screening regularly. This is especially important if you have a family history of serious illnesses, are currently showing signs of illness, or are at high risk for disease. You may also consider getting checked during major life transitions (e.g. marriage, childbirth, job change, etc.) to evaluate where you stand before jumping into the next chapter of your life.

As a general guideline, we recommend adults under 45 receive a body check every 2-5 years while those over 45 should get checked annually. You can check with your doctor for specific recommendations based on your medical situation.

Making a smart choice among the various options of physical check-up packages in the market may not be easy. Quality HealthCare has therefore specially set up a website to guide our customers through the process of choosing a suitable package based on personal factors such as age, family history and habits. In addition, Quality HealthCare is launching new health screening packages— “Age Appropriate Health Check” and “Flexi Plan”—to cater to the needs of everyone. Each check-up plan is designed by a professional medical team and reviewed by the Executive Medical Director to ensure it goes along with medical logic. “Age Appropriate Health Check” features check-up plans tailor-made for men and women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, while “Flexi Plan” allows flexible and personalised choices of what to include in your health screening. You can choose a package based on your physical conditions, family history or lifestyle for the best possible protection.


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