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Most computer users depend on Microsoft operating systems in one way or another. For the Windows operating system to continue to work, you need to Clean my PC for free optimize the system as part of a regular preventive maintenance program. Most users delay this difficult task for as long as possible, or at least until the performance of the system becomes low and unfriendly. It would be a welcome find to find a program that allows the user to optimize the system with minimal cost and with maximum ease. There is a free program that saves space, does not consume a lot of system resources, can run in the background virtually out of sight of the end user, does not conflict with other software and can run in the background. excellent reputation in the industry. . This program is known as CCleaner.

Piriform piriform, a UK software company, created CCleaner 5 years ago as a solution that helps the user easily optimize the system. This software has saved countless users a lot of time and money over the years. It’s easy to download, install and customize. FileHippo paints the software as “a free tool for optimizing the system, ensuring privacy and cleaning. It removes unused files from your system, speeding up Windows and making room on your hard drive. It also removes traces of your online activities, such as your Internet history. It also includes a full-featured registry cleaner. The best thing is that it is fast (usually run in less than a second) and does NOT contain spy or advertising software! ”

To fully explore its functionality, you can start one of three ways: (1) Double-click the desktop icon or (2) Click Start, Programs, CCleaner or (3) Click the Right Button on the Trash and select “Open CCleaner …”. For those who want to clean the basket, the basket menu also has the “Run CCleaner” option, which will clean your system without any requests. CCleaner has four main sections that you can choose from with 4 icons on the navigation bar on the left:

A cleaner is the main function of a program that optimizes your system by deleting unused and temporary files. It also protects your privacy by removing traces of the websites you visited and the files you have opened. (It’s important to note that it does this without deleting the files you still need!),
Registry is a more advanced feature that scans your computer’s registry (where Windows system settings are stored) and eliminates problems and inconsistencies. CCleaner has a full backup option, so on the rare occasions when you remove something you need later, you have a backup to recover,
Tools – In this section, you can manage installed programs and applications that start when you turn on your computer,
Options – Settings covers a wide range of CCleaner settings. I prefer to include some of these extra settings so that I can “install and forget” them so I don’t have to worry about them in the future. I select Settings, Extras, Hide Warning Messages, Then Options, Extras, Close After Cleaning, and finally disable Settings, Extras, Show a Hint for Backup Registry Problems, and Settings, Extras, and Collapse on the Taskbar. In addition, I’m planning a daily CCleaner launch using scheduled Windows tasks. This is a great feature for end-users that can be customized as part of the preventive care program.
Some people don’t like add-ons to their Internet browsers, so CCleaner asks users during installation if they want to install “CCleaner Yahoo Toolbar” as part of the installation. For your information, CCleaner offers “alternative versions,” one of which is a “thin” version of the full version of CCleaner. The entire installation process takes less than a minute. Did I say “easy” or what?

So I can fully recommend CCleaner as a valuable addition to anyone who uses the Microsoft Windows operating system, including Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit versions). Regular use of CCleaner would be a costly mistake.

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How to clean your colon for free.

Drink water.
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