In fact, a simple lesson. In psychological circles, it is widely accepted that infants and babies need repetition to develop strong neural pathways in the brain. They are crucial in future life to acquire all kinds of specific skills.


Another important thing to look out for when https://diginexus.edu.vn/ learning, especially in children, is the time of study.
We are told not to rush them, engage them in training while they are in an emergency, and make learning as interesting and challenging as possible.

Learning should be a positive experience.

Fixed classroom environment is no longer seen as the only or even the best place to learn. Often the best places to study are in a big world where you can touch, feel and discover our feelings. The younger the child, the more relevant it is.

Of course, it makes sense for us adults when we think about our school experience. Of course, it is not surprising that there is an increase in home schooling these days, which does not mean that the school should be an unfavorable learning environment – often it is not.

The challenge for parents, grandparents, teachers and all adults – because we never stop learning – is to find the right environment and the right time to learn. Otherwise, we’re wasting our time.

It’s not so much that we learn, but in the desire to educate voracious disciples in our children and in ourselves.


As parents, guardians and teachers, we need to be less in a hurry to get our children to reach the planned values, and more focused on deepening the real learning experience.

If we use this method, we will not only learn more ourselves, but also how people will appreciate it even more. There will be less depression. More will be filled with joy. And we can find our hobbies.

Finally, we will find an inner elixir: God will become known through learning.

Learning is the secret of life. When we find passion and fall in love with it, learning becomes instinctive. Learning is a lifelong activity. Moreover, learning is an exercise in life, because when we learn, we really live.
The best news is that it’s never too late to start.

The simplest and most powerful task ahead of you, how to avoid depression is the desire to learn. The training continued to develop. Is it any wonder, then, that we see growth with God as an exercise in moving forward?
When you start something new these days, whether it’s a network marketing business, a regular business, a job, an educational business or something new, you will surely have a “learning curve” for you. In most cases, this phrase or phrase is addressed to you when the leader introduces you to what you are going to do and you need to know what they mean. In fact, YOU expect to know what it means because you’ve heard it dozens of times.

So, according to this standard, you assume that you know what it means. You have a vague idea that includes learning and your ability to learn. The problem is that this is probably all you really know. Why this is a problem for you, is that if that’s all you really know, you’ll never want to learn what you need to succeed in what you’re trying to learn! Therefore, the purpose of this article is to show you what the “learning curve” really is, and the first step you need to take to successfully overcome it!

“Learning curve” is a phrase coined to describe not only the speed of learning, but also the difficulties you will face when you begin to study what you decide to do. The “learning curve” is usually presented as a linear graph. Along the vertical side of the graph you have a logical sequence of things you have to learn, from the bottom of the chart to the bottom left and ending with the last thing you have to learn.

Starting from the same “zero point” from the bottom of the vertical side, there is a second horizontal line, going from zero from left to right. This is a linear passage of time.

These two lines start from scratch, forming a straight angle or angle of the rectangle. The actual learning curve is a line that starts from a zero point, going left and up, forming an arc. Because the arc gradually moves up and down at an angle of 25 to 45 degrees, this is known as the “easy” or “simple” learning curve. On the other hand, if the arc rises from zero to the right at an angle of more than 60 degrees, it is called a “cool” learning curve. Think of the “mountains”: anyone with normal health can climb the Appellation Mountains, but climbing the Himalayas requires a special type of person.

I know you’ve captured the picture here, but to be clear, let’s use two real-life examples so you can immediately understand, both logically and visually, what the ‘learning curve’ means and what it means once and for all. . Any management position at McDonald’s requires “easy” training. Each project involving a NASA scientist building a new rocket requires “cool” training.

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