How to take care of pregnant cats。?

In the wild, you will teach them about prey and hunting in order to achieve self-sufficiency as soon as possible。. In the first few weeks of life, the cat will rely cat pregnancy week by week on the mother to help regulate body temperature and keep warm。. However, if your mother cat does not eat naturally or behave abnormally, please see the vet。.

Another early sign is that the cat’s nipples will swell and look deeper red。. Pregnant cats will also eat more, and “morning disease” may appear。. After five weeks, the cat’s stomach will swell significantly and continue to swell until it gives birth。. Your veterinary team may recommend replacing your cat with kitten food, which will also provide nutrition for its little cat。. Your cat will need more calories to keep its little cat, so the overall plan may be to increase the amount of food fed to it as the pregnant cat approaches its mandate。. However, as the little cat grows, the area in its stomach will also decrease, so it will be fed a small amount of food, but more throughout the day。.

However, physical signs appear at the earliest stage of pregnancy, which may allow you to know that your cat may carry a small cat。. The entire cat’s pregnancy is about a few days, so the process will continue quickly。. During pregnancy, your cat will need additional vitamins and minerals to support the growth of small cats。. Go to your vet for examination and ask how much you should feed her, it all depends on her physical condition。.

You will need to know what “normal” delivery is for the home, and you will need to prepare to move the cat safely to the office during delivery。. If complications occur outside normal veterinary hours, it is also important to have the name, location and phone number of the nearest pet emergency facility。. Once your cat becomes pregnant for about six weeks, it must be fed more frequent meals。.

It is best to get vaccination before reproduction, because most vaccines are not vaccinated safely during pregnancy。.

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