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Mobile Medical Corporation (MMC) is a premier 身體檢查 provider of workplace substance abuse testing and on-site medical services nationwide. MMC offers complete and compliant packages of industry required bio-monitoring solutions and when it comes to onsite nursing and first aid station management – MMC is the standard bearer. MMC also offers a unique suite of worker credential tracking solutions which can strategically manage all of your employees testing results, trainings and industry certifications.

Mobile Medical Corporation (MMC) understands that in today’s business and economic environment, risk management professionals and employers alike are looking to continuously improve job-site safety and workplace compliance. And that is why companies nationwide continually utilize MMC’s vast array of cost efficient and diverse testing programs to maintain a better and safe work environment.

WHO and its many partners regularly deploy mobile clinics and medical teams to reach people cut off from access to health services. For many people access to these mobile clinics and teams may be their only source of health care.

Mobile clinics offer flexible and viable options for treating isolated and vulnerable groups as well as to newly displaced populations. When coordinating crisis response, WHO arranges for mobile health care teams to go by foot, bike, moto, boat or vehicle.

The demand for mobile units keeps rising. WHO may buy mobile clinics or supply them, or pay for partners to buy or supply them.

The mobile lithotripsy unit made its first appearance in June 1995; the staff onboard treated their first patient at Southern Cross, Christchurch. With more than 12,600 patients treated since its foray, the unit services both private and public hospitals across the country and creates additional capacity for hospitals and medical centres to treat patients close to home.

The lithotripter is operated by four specialised Medical Radiation Technologists (MRTs) who work one week out of four. The MRTs are highly skilled and experienced staff whose role is not only to operate the lithotripter but to review results following treatment and determine whether the patient needs to have further treatment. The local urologists, anaesthetists and other nursing and technology staff are trained to work on the unit when it visits their community.

The unit is driven by three ‘steerologists’ (drivers) who work in shifts and carry out maintenance on the vehicle as and when required.

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