Soccer News – Liverpool Ready to Challenge For English Premier League

The appointment of Roy Hodgson was a great decision. Roy Hodgson brings with him a wealth of experience and also great man management skills. Throughout his career he almost managed to exceed expectations.

Roy Hodgson’s appointment is not ข่าวลิเวอร์พูล the only positive change that Liverpool have done recently. They decided to sell unhappy and underperforming players. Benayoun was the first man to leave Anfield as he wanted to join Chelsea to earn more money, Liverpool were smart to accommodate his wish. Liverpool also decided to let go the always injured Fabio Aurelio and the eternal promise, Emiliano Insua. Liverpool need quality and experienced players to reach their objectives. Up to now they have signed two quality players in Joe Cole and Milan Jovanovic. Many thought that the departure of Benayoun meant a step back for Liverpool but after the signing of Joe Cole many realized that it has been a step forward.

Joe Cole is a younger and much better player than Benayoun. He will definitely be one of their key midfielders with Steven Gerrard for the years to come. Milan Jovanovic is another quality player that plays in a more offensive role than Cole. He may play as a striker and as an attacking midfielder. Both players play for their respective countries and are in their late twenties therefore they are at the peak of their career. They have both won trophies in their career but they still have that much needed thirst of more winning trophies.

Jovanovic wants to prove himself at the highest levels by winning trophies with Liverpool whilst Cole wants to prove to Chelsea wrong in not believing in him. Lastly Liverpool have also managed to hold on to their star players. At first it appeared that Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres, Dirk Kuyt and Javier Mascherano would be leaving Anfield but since then they have all stated that they will be staying with Liverpool. All the top players have in reassured about Liverpool’s competitiveness after the last two signings done by the club.

Finally one has to be objective and cannot state as yet that Liverpool will be title contenders but the start is a promising one and it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if Liverpool end up winning the Premier League.

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